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I am really impressed with the heater and instructions are great.

Tom B., Eugene Oregon, USA

This customizable thermostat gives me peace of mind of leaving our greenhouse heater at temp we set. I love the light modes and the light-mode guide in the manual. I've plugged in the heater on it and this thermostat read the same temp as the heater. The light modes makes it easy to know if I've set the thermostat on heat (vs. cold) and if it reached it yet or not. I customized the heat mode to turn off at 78 degrees and it did so.

Martin Newman, USA

Rainexo tarpaulin has an opaque material that gains extra strength because it is a ribbed pattern. The material is a stronger plastic than the typical blue tarps. So even though it is classified as medium duty it behaves more like a heavy duty tarp. The unique thing is that the grommets/holes are not only reinforced with additional material, they are actually heat welded together into being one with the overall tarp.

Bob Feeser, USA

Perfect heater for greenhouse. Extra heavy grounded cord prevents overheating and melting plugs. Case does not get too hot and coils do not get red or too hot yet it gives out plenty of heat. Fan is quiet. Love this heater❤️

Lorraine Sullivan, USA

Palma heater has a very sturdy build, and looks/feels like it will be very durable in an outside variable environment. It is very easy to install and operate. It just plugs into power the unit. The controls are standard and intuitive, and are easy to work.

Karen Lim, USA


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