Air Circulation Tube for "Phoenix" Heater

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  • Extra strong 90gsm Greenhouse Film
  • Tear-proof & ultrasonically welded eyelets
  • Minimum energy input
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Including fasteners
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Introducing the Air Circulation Tube, the perfect companion for your "Phoenix" Heater! This innovative accessory is designed to enhance the performance of your greenhouse heating system by ensuring optimal heat distribution and air circulation. Whether you prefer to place it on the floor or securely fix it to the ceiling of your greenhouse, this versatile tube is engineered to meet your specific needs.

Flexible and Reliable: Crafted with flexibility in mind, our Air Circulation Tube effortlessly adapts to your greenhouse layout. Its dependable construction ensures it will stand up to the demands of your greenhouse environment, providing you with reliable performance season after season. Say goodbye to uneven temperature zones and stagnant air – the Air Circulation Tube is here to maintain a consistent and comfortable climate.

Effortless Installation: Worried about the installation process? Don't be! We've included fixing chains with your purchase, making setup a breeze. You'll have your Air Circulation Tube up and running in no time, helping you make the most of your "Phoenix" Heater.

Enhanced Heating Efficiency: When paired with the "Phoenix" Heater, this tube becomes a dynamic duo that guarantees even heat distribution. No more cold spots or overheated areas – our Air Circulation Tube helps maintain a harmonious temperature throughout your greenhouse. This means healthier plants, better yields, and a more productive growing environment.

Improved Air Quality: Proper air circulation is crucial for plant health. The Air Circulation Tube works tirelessly to keep the air in your greenhouse fresh and filled with oxygen, promoting vigorous growth and minimizing the risk of pests and diseases.

Year-Round Greenhouse Comfort: Whether you're nurturing delicate seedlings in the winter or cultivating thriving crops in the summer, the Air Circulation Tube is your year-round solution for greenhouse comfort. It ensures that your plants receive the consistent climate they need to flourish.

Invest in the Air Circulation Tube for your "Phoenix" Heater and experience the benefits of superior greenhouse climate control. Elevate your greenhouse game today and watch your plants thrive like never before.

Length 9.8 ft.
EAN-/Barcode:  505532024743
Weight  0,485 lbs

Instruction manual

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