Winter Cover for Raised Bed Planter Box - "CityJungle"

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  • Repairable
  • Multilayer cross-laminated
  • Tear-Resistant
  • 100% Frostproof
  • 100% UV-Stable
  • Ultrasonically - Welded Eyes
  • Lasts 5X longer than woven tarps
Delivery time (in days) 3-5
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Winter Cover for Raised Bed Planter Box "CityJungle" - Optimal Protection for Your Plants

Introducing the Winter Cover for Raised Bed Planter Box - "CityJungle." This innovative cover is designed to provide your raised bed planter with the ultimate protection against harsh winter weather. Say goodbye to frost-damaged plants and hello to thriving, healthy crops.

Our Winter Cover features a cutting-edge 3-layer bubble wrap material that offers unmatched insulation and safeguards your plants from adverse weather conditions. With the CityJungle cover in place, your raised bed planter becomes a haven for your beloved plants.

But it doesn't stop there. The CityJungle cover isn't just about protecting your plants from rain and frost; it's about creating the perfect microclimate for optimal growth. Your tomatoes, in particular, will thrive under this cover. The insulation not only shields them from the cold but also provides a cozy, warm environment that encourages robust growth.

As a result, your produce will ripen to perfection, boasting exceptional flavor and aroma. No more lackluster harvests due to winter's chill. With the Winter Cover for Raised Bed Planter Box - "CityJungle," you'll enjoy a bountiful yield of flavorful, aromatic vegetables and herbs.

Invest in the CityJungle Winter Cover today and ensure your plants have the protection and warmth they need to flourish during the colder months. Don't let winter hinder your gardening ambitions; instead, let CityJungle be your plants' shield against the elements.

 EAN-/Barcode 5060775651017
Weight 1.04 lbs / 0.47 kg
Delivery time 3-4 days
Manufacturer Bio Green
Dimension LxWxH 1.9 x 0.98 x 2.69ft / 60 x 30 x 82cm
Color Transparent

Instruction manual

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