Set of 1 x Self Watering Spike and 1 x Cup - "Hydro Cup"

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  • Raised bed watering system for intelligent plant care
  • 1 cup + 1 watering stake in a set
  • For a constant and even supply of water
  • No overwatering
  • No drying... Read more
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Your Self Watering Spike "Hydro Cup" Solution

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your raised bed plants getting enough water? Look no further! Introducing the "Hydro Cup" - the ultimate self-watering spike solution for your raised beds.

Effortless Plant Care with Hydro Cup

Keeping your raised bed plants hydrated has never been easier. The "Hydro Cup" set includes one self-watering spike and one cup, revolutionizing the way you care for your garden.

Are you constantly on the go or planning a vacation? With the "Hydro Cup" in place, you can say goodbye to the stress of finding someone to water your plants. Our innovative self-watering spike ensures that your plants receive the perfect amount of hydration, precisely when they need it.

Say Goodbye to Thirsty Raised Beds

The "Hydro Cup" operates on a simple yet ingenious principle. As the soil in your raised bed begins to dry, the self-watering spike gradually releases water through diffusion. This intelligent system is designed to deliver water directly to the plant roots, ensuring their optimal health and growth.

Easy Setup for Carefree Plant Care

Setting up the "Hydro Cup" couldn't be simpler. Just insert the self-watering spike into your raised bed and attach it to the cup filled with water. From that moment on, the "Hydro Cup" takes over, providing your plants with the hydration they need, so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

Customizable Sets for Your Garden

Our "Hydro Cup" raised bed watering system comes in a convenient set, including one "Hydro Cup" cup and one matching self-watering spike. If you have multiple raised beds to tend to, consider our set of four for comprehensive plant care.

Compatibility Note

Please be aware that the cups included in the "Hydro Cup" - 1 + 1 set are designed exclusively for use with the "Hydro Cup" self-watering spike. They cannot be combined with other watering stakes such as "Hydro Classic" or "Hydro Wine." Ensure you have the right combination for your garden's needs.

Invest in the "Hydro Cup" self-watering spike and cup set today, and let your raised bed plants thrive with minimal effort on your part. Say goodbye to dry, thirsty plants and hello to lush, healthy garden beds with Hydro Cup!

Weight 1.4 lb / 0.66 kg
Delivery Time 2-3 days
Dimensions (LxW) Ø 6.7" x 18.1" / Ø 17 x 45.9 cm
Tank Capacity 0.66 gal / 2,5 L 
Color Terracotta
EAN-/Barcode 5055320024033
Manufacturer Bio Green
Made in China

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