Self Watering Planter Box With Trellis - "Maxitom" Terracotta, 2 Pcs.

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Self Watering Planter Box - Maxitom Terracotta, 2 Pcs. - Ideal for Effortless Plant Growth

Elevate your gardening game with the Maxitom Self Watering Planter Box. Specifically designed for plant enthusiasts, this complete set is a game-changer for promoting healthy growth and climbing in your garden.

Maxitom Terracotta Planter Box with Trellis - The Ultimate Self Watering Solution

Introducing the Maxitom Terracotta Self Watering Planter Box with Trellis - your answer to hassle-free and thriving plants. This innovative planter box is a must-have for any gardening enthusiast.

The Maxitom Self Watering Planter Box is your go-to solution for nurturing robust plants, especially tomatoes. Perfect for those with limited space, whether you have a terrace, balcony, or a small garden, this product is designed to make your gardening experience easier and more productive.

With a generous 16-liter capacity and an integrated water storage system boasting a 2-liter capacity, you can rest assured that your plants will receive a consistent and reliable supply of water from below. This unique feature effectively prevents the dreaded tomato rot and ensures your plants thrive.

The Maxitom Planter Box's four levels are fully adjustable to accommodate the growth of your plants. Its stable and weather-resistant construction not only provides essential support for your plants but also adds an attractive focal point to your garden or outdoor space.

This versatile planter box isn't just for tomatoes; it's perfect for cultivating cucumbers, beans, peppers, and a variety of other climbing plants, making it an essential addition to any garden.

Available in two stylish colors, the Maxitom Self Watering Planter Box combines functionality with aesthetic appeal to enhance your gardening experience.

Looking for even more water storage and a larger planter volume? Don't miss our Maxitom Jumbo plant tower, the perfect choice for serious gardeners. Make gardening a breeze with the Maxitom Self Watering Planter Box – your plants will thank you.

When you make a purchase, you receive a 2-year warranty that provides peace of mind and protection. This warranty ensures that you are eligible for a product replacement within the 2-year timeframe, should any issues arise.

Importantly, the start date of this warranty is directly linked to the date of purchase, so you will receive full protection for your purchased product from that point forward.

So, rest easy knowing that your purchase is safeguarded for the next two years, and your satisfaction is our priority.